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We Are The Company You Can Count On

BFS can design and implement a BOLI program that will provide your bank with a steady stream of earnings without the risks associated with mark to market investments and the headaches surrounding interest rate risk and credit quality. Through our access to all of the highest rated insurance carriers, your bank can have superior risk diversification and a reliable income stream without the fluctuations related to other bank investments.

BFS has continuously invested in people and technology to be able to provide the unparalleled service and products that our clients have come to expect from the most respected firm in the industry. Your BOLI and benefit programs are long-term commitments and BFS has consistently demonstrated its resoluteness in supporting its clients from initial purchase through the life of the program.

There is no better recommendation than a satisfied client. We are confident that our clients, your fellow bankers, and colleagues will gladly share their experience and how BFS has fulfilled all of their expectations.