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Our Mission and Philosophy

The cornerstones of our philosophy are:


We treat our clients in the way we like to be treated while partnering with you to achieve a common goal.

In keeping with our philosophy, the mission at BFS is simple: we are committed to providing the best possible financial solutions and support services to our clients. We strive to not only be a vendor of financial products but to be an advisor that understands the needs of banks and bankers. Our fundamental commitment enables us to provide the right financial products to help you attain your goals thereby increasing stakeholder value and providing financial security to your executives and employees.


By bringing together the best team in the industry, BFS Group has been able to create value and expertise that no other firm can match.

BFS Group is the only company in the industry that can represent all of the top mutual insurance companies, enabling us to provide you with all of the products that are available to you in the marketplace. The ability to utilize multiple carriers is a strong differentiators between BFS Group and other companies in our industry. It’s a critical component in getting you the plan that works best for you and your bank.

We have built a staff that includes accountants, regulator attorneys, investment bankers, bank executives and ex-regulators to ensure that every facet of designing your program meets your expectation.