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Protect Your Account

Registering for Online Account Access

  • When you finalize the registration of your BFS Group online account access, we request personal information that will allow you to setup your Online Account Security Questions. When you add security questions to your BFS Portal account, anyone who tries to change or reset your password must first answer one or more of your security questions. Security questions provide an extra level of security, and they help BFS Group verify that you are the person requesting access to your account.

  • When you set up your password reminder questions for online accounts, select questions and answers that only you know. Avoid questions and answers that others may be able to discover about you, including information you share on social media sites.

  • To protect your online accounts, use secure passwords.

  • Avoid accessing your online accounts through publicly shared computers if possible.


A strong password is important to protect your online accounts. When you are selecting a password, keep the following tips in mind:


  • Choose a long password of at least 7 characters with 1 number, 1 uppercase and 1 special character. Longer passwords are more secure.

  • Include upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols – this makes it more difficult for someone to guess it.

  • Change passwords frequently – consider quarterly updates.

  • Consider using a password manager.

  • Keep your password private.

Do Not

  • Do not use real names.

  • Do not use Social Security numbers, words or numbers associated with personal information, like birthdays, anniversaries, license plates, telephone numbers, or addresses.

  • Do not use your login name or any variation of it.

  • Do not use words from the dictionary.

  • Do not use the same pattern for your passwords, such as smart1, smart2, etc.

  • Do not write down your password or share your password with anyone else.

Consider a Password Manager

Password management software can help simplify choosing and maintaining passwords for your online accounts. Several password management applications are available for a variety of devices and operating systems. Check with a trusted technology expert to help you choose the appropriate password manager tool for your needs.