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BFS Group is excited to announce the release of our new, state of the art BFS MINTS website and the latest enhancements to the secure, online client portal. The upgraded  website and servicing platform will continue to facilitate quick, easy access to documents and reports associated with your Bank's BOLI and non-qualified benefit plans. Through the implementation of some minor changes, the new MINTS system delivers MAJOR improvements!

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New MINTS Homepage

The launch of the new MINTS homepage (www.bfsmints.com) allows us to provide a comprehensive overview of the services, capabilities and deliverables that you and your bank can expect when working with MINTS. Along with a company overview, website demonstrations and account requests, the new MINTS homepage will also provide access to these (and many more) enhancements: 

Events Calendar

The new MINTS Dashboard will include an Events Calendar to keep you informed of all upcoming Non-Qualified Plan deliverables, BOLI Reporting target dates and BFS corporate and staffing events. The new calendar feature will keep you up to date, on target and in control of all aspects of your BOLI and NQ Benefit Plans.


With the introduction of MINTS Mail, you will now have the ability to send secure messages to the entire MINTS team utilizing a faster and more secure platform than traditional email programs.

Improved Feedback & Help Features
You'll be able to provide instant, anonymous feedback or request assistance from the BFS MINTS team right from your MINTS dashboard by clicking on the Submit Feedback in your dashboard menu.*

New Guided Tour Feature
The new MINTS homepage and enhanced dashboard has a new look and feel, but the simple functionality remains familiar. Obtain an overview of the comprehensive site functionality and features anytime by clicking "Take Guided Tour" from your dashboard menu screen whenever you need a refresher.

Online & Account Security
While MINTS acts as a one-stop location for your NQ Benefit Plan and BOLI needs, we understand that it is not a site that you use daily, nor should it be. The existing password reset requirement was cumbersome and made it feel like you had to change your password too often. We understand that can lead to frustration and lack of productivity by taking time away from your primary duties. 
You Spoke, We Listened!

The new MINTS platform shifts from authenticating based solely user provided passwords and defined security questions to a multi-step verification process by incorporating the use of a temporary security code that is sent to a validated bank email account after a valid password is entered. 

While password complexity standards will remain the same, these measures alleviate the need for password resets as the process now incorporates your Bank's specific internal security requirements (i.e. email system, mobile and desktop login requirements, indirect employment termination and access controls, etc.), putting greater account safety control into the hands of your Bank.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions, provide feedback, and/or make suggestions regarding the new BFS MINTS. As always, you can access your MINTS account by visiting www.bfsmints.com and clicking Login in the top right corner.** 
Thank you for your time and continued trust in BFS Group.
Best Regards,
BFS Group
* For any questions, comments, or assistance please contact the BFS CRM Team at BFS-CRM@BFSGroup.com, by phone at 267.291.2130, or by logging into your account and using the Feedback and Help feature.
**For the best results, to ensure email delivery, add webmaster@bfsgroup.com to your address book and ask your IT department to add webmaster@bfsgroup.com and www.bfsmints.com to your bank's white list. In addition, please visit www.bfsmints.com or the link provided in your notification emails as BFS Group cannot guarantee the functionality of previously saved bookmarks or favorites.
About BFS Group:

BFS Group is a national firm with 12 regional offices and are among the leading experts in the BOLI industry. BFS Group's national expertise has helped banks all over the country increase their bottom line earnings, increase shareholder value and fund meaningful benefits for all their employees. Through our principals, Regional Managing Directors and staff, we have extensive experience in the financial services and banking industries. Our exclusive focus on community banks makes BFS Group uniquely qualified to design, implement, and manage BOLI investments to help drive the banks bottom line earnings.